Nokia Aeon: The IPhone Nano You've Always Wanted

Nokia Aeon: The IPhone Nano You've Always Wanted

Range Govindan
Oct 16, 2008

The Nokia Aeon is designed by Mac Funamizu and showcases some interesting features. For one thing, the whole front side is a screen, most probably an OLED screen or e-ink. So naturally, the whole surface is a touchscreen. The shape is also different. It's shaped like an iPod Nano and we've heard that this sized is optimized. Read on to find out more.

The screen is actually made out of e-ink. It uses tactile feedback technology and its surface adapts to different purposes by morphing around. We don't think that these features of this concept will see production, but the rest of the phone make it an interesting concept. It must use the same principles as the Liquid surface Nokia phone.

E-ink uses a lot less power, so this phone could have a phenomenal talk and standby time. You wouldn't have to worry about running out of batteries. This makes us think about the Apple iPhone Nano rumors that we have been hearing for years, ever since the iPhone came out. This could be the alternative to that. It also has some kind of a sliding e-ink screen, that kind of pops out to text or to send emails. This is a great solution to the slider problem that we've come across. This phone will be a lot less bulky than the HTC G1 for example.

[via Yanko Design]


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