Nursery Tour: Stanley's Stimulating Sleepaway

Nursery Tour: Stanley's Stimulating Sleepaway

Carrie McBride
Jul 24, 2008

Name: Stanley, 12 weeks
Location: Denver, CO

A few weeks ago Craig shared with us a tasteful makeover of a Fisher Price bouncer which we really loved. But a few readers questioned whether the subdued colors and paring down of the plastic toys was depriving the pint-sized user of stimulation. Well, Craig is back to assure everyone that his daughter is thriving in her designed-with-love bedroom.

Just wanted to share pictures of her whole room to squelch any rumors that we don't add stimulation or color to our daughter's life. In short, we live in Denver and were faced with a rather small guest room to convert into a nursery. We wanted a room that would be fun, colorful, and an all-around happy place to be. We think we nailed it, though our toughest critic is still only about 12 weeks old.

We think you nailed it, too. We recently posted on the use of gray in kids' rooms and your gray crib and changing station confirm that we really like this trend. We also want to say kudos on the Seuss-esque hand-painted wall treatment which we think will age well with your daughter and the room's future furnishings.

What was your overall inspiration or goal for this space?
Nature nature nature. It's a big part of our family and seems like a great surrounding for a newborn. Aspen trees are big here in Colorado, but we didn't want to get all country cabin with it. We wanted the room to be bright and colorful, and since we weren't finding out if we were having a boy or a girl, it had to work with either sex.

What can you tell us about the unique wall treatment here? Did you do it yourselves?
Yep. I did a quick layout on the computer box, and once we picked the colors it was off to the races. The trunks were pretty simple, I did those freehand. I made circle templates for the leaves, and they took forever due to the variety of colors. Luckily I started early and just did a little here and there until it was done.

What challenges did you come across while putting the room together?
Space. We wanted a glider so bad, but in a 9x11 space, it wasn't happening with a crib and a changing table. Then we realized that we could take the doors off the closet, put the changing table in there, and then have plenty of room to fit everything. It's still cozy, but isn't that what you want in a kid's room?

(growth chart)

What are your favorite elements or items in the room? (Please tell us more about your unique changing station! We're also curious about your interesting mobile.)
The changing table was a great find. It's a pretty old piece with some fantastic detailed carvings. Weary of any possible lead paint, I stripped it and repainted it to match the Oeuf crib (we painted the inside bright green to lighten-up the interior). The mobile was also a fun project. We selected a bunch of native birds, and for about $15 at Michael's, got the materials we needed to bring them to life. Now Stanley can stare and coo at a Pygmy Nuthatch, Red-Winged Blackbird, Broad-Tailed Hummingbird, Robin, Red-Headed Woodpecker, and a Western Warbler. I also like the subtle things like the reclaimed chunk of maple I added as a shelf to the bookcase, the ornate shelf brackets, and the eponymous antique Stanley level/nameplate on the door.

Any great resources to share?
The changing table was found at a fantastic store called Decade here in Denver. They always have amazing vintage furniture and offer it at very reasonable prices (I paid $130 for the changing table). They also have a wonderfully unique mom and baby clothing/toy section. We chose Olympic paints from Lowes because they have zero VOCs (and with all those circles, I'm glad). The glider, which has been a godsend, was ordered through Firefly Furnishings here in Denver. They too, have a lot of unique design ideas and customizable options at good prices.

Any advice for parents starting to put a baby or child's room together or looking to make changes to an existing space?
I'm a big fan of simplicity and originality. Every family has the ability to be creative with their spaces, that's part of the fun. Just because it's a baby's room doesn't mean you have to shop at a baby store to furnish it. Also, I'd like to think that our kids are more than pale pink or powder blue - let's get some variety out there!

Anything else you'd like to add?
So yes, we named our daughter Stanley. It harkens back to a old family story that I won't get into, but we just feel she deserves a name as unique and beautiful as she is. If she hates it, she can always drop the Stan.

Thank you for sharing Stanley's stimulating room with Ohdeedoh!

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