NY Spring Cure: Week Six - The Bathroom

NY Spring Cure: Week Six - The Bathroom

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 16, 2008

Holly in DC cleaned her windows for an instant Cure. When visiting clients I often find that windows are very dirty and recommend cleaning them. Though it can be laborious, this has to be the cheapest and biggest impact improvement you can make.

From TrueBlue:

While I didn't make it through The Cure the first year, and I didn't devote myself to it this year, I have to say that I AM getting a lot done. I see the improvements in other people's homes, and get inspired to try a little bit harder to go through things. Get rid of things. Clean things. Sort, recycle, donate, etc.

Happy Birthday, Jany! As for the rest of us, onward and upward. If you are feeling behind, this is your week to feel a bit of a reprieve. Ahead is the home stretch and behind are the biggest trouble spots. This week pulls back to focus on your bathroom - a place of function and luxury. If you are fascinated with toothpaste, this may give you a chuckle. In the book there is also a sermon on lighting, potentially the most important single aspect of interior design in the home.

This Week's Assignment: In the deep treatment the overall theme is peacefulness. As you clean out your bathroom(s), I want you to get to a point where you are able to put some calming luxury back into them. If you don't have them already, there are some purchases to be made here that can change your bathroom experience.

In the One Room Remedy take a good look at the lighting in your home. I find that most homes are underlit and that most that seem drab or uninspired could be turned around simply by addressing the lighting alone. Get adventurous! Lighting can be very affordable and different kinds of lights will really make your home leap to life. Oh, and there's some painting to do this week for some. Enjoy our small tutorial on how to paint a room. It's basic, but we find that it always helps to remember it when we're painting a room.

J-Fer Rose is storing everything in the hall during her bathroom remodel - "Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better." she says...;-)

Lynne F is "Still working hard to keep the apartment cleaned and organized, sometimes it seems a never ending job, but it is so worth it." Taxes are done!

Kool Poster in the bathroom at Holly's. Oversized sometimes adds drama to small spaces.

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