Out With the Old Stuff and In With the New Mindset

Out With the Old Stuff and In With the New Mindset

Janel Laban
Jan 28, 2016
(Image credit: Samara Vise)

The Cure may be winding down (one more day!) but it's just the beginning of a good year ahead in your home. Today is an interesting opportunity to do two related assignments that will work together to help you let go, yet take control, at the same time.

Today's Assignments

Assignment #1: Reconsider the things you set aside from your living room "lightening" last week.

Take a little time to look around your living room with fresh eyes that have now adjusted to less "stuff" level over the past week. Remember in your mind's eye what you removed. Picture putting it back. If you feel like the item(s) will warm up, beautify or otherwise improve the enjoyment of the space, go grab it from where you stored it and bring it right on back. Feel good about knowing that you intentionally chose this item to make your room a nicer place to be.

Assignment #2: Empty your outbox(es!)

I know some of you have been emptying as you go (and that is fantastic) but for those of you who've been filling up (and up, and up) since way back at Assignment #4, now is finally the time to let it go.

Use today to sort out and firm up your plans for whichever of the following makes the most sense for you and your (soon-to-be-former) stuff and put the plan into action whenever you can:

  • deliver (or make arrangements for) donations
  • hit the recycling center
  • put things out on the curb with a "free sign"
  • list 'em on our classifieds, Craigslist, eBay or Freecycle
  • package goodies up to pass on to a friend

Here is a handy link to our big list of good ideas for donations: Clear Out & Help Out: A Big List of the Best Donation Centers for All Your Stuff

As you re-decorate (or not!) you living room in Assignment #1 and pass on the items in your outbox in Assignment #2, feel good about your decisions. Homes should not be static and decisions about what comes and goes should be intentional.

Think about the space, both physical and emotional, that the process of gathering things in an outbox and then passing them on has made in your home and in your mind. Embrace how good it feels to have storage spaces, from your kitchen and bathroom drawers to your closets and pantry a little less crowded and lots more under control. But at the same time, appreciate the things that you chose to return to your living room as part of your everyday decor, because ultimately, what we choose to keep is more important than what we let go. And, then, most importantly, try and keep this mindset moving forward when considering the quantity (and just as importantly, the quality) of new things you bring into your home in the year ahead.

Good work, everyone and see you tomorrow for our final assignment!

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