Parenting Blog Roundup: 11.24.08

Parenting Blog Roundup: 11.24.08

Tammy Everts
Nov 24, 2008

It can be daunting to visit crafting blogs. Everyone seems so accomplished and creative... not to mention better at managing their free time. Which is why we were so inspired by a recent post at Sweet Juniper, in which Wood (who, by her own admission, "can't cut a straight line in a piece of fabric to save my life") talks about making a quilt out of her daughter's old baby clothes. This may have just given us the kick in the pants we need to finish some projects of our own.

But first, some more highlights from the outposts of the parenting blogosphere. Check out instructions for making an even simpler baby blanket, some upcycled "recession wear", a basic guide to menu planning, and a preschooler's hilarious take on "MANNERS!" It's all after the jump.

If you're not quite ready to plunge into quilting, there's a great (and by great we mean "incredibly easy") tutorial on how to sew this simple (and simply adorable) baby blanket at maya*made.

If you're ready to charge into more daring sewing territory, check out the amazing upcycled creations at Cry It Out. Mike takes thrift-store duds and transforms them into beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces for his little girl. He calls it "Recession Wear". We call it awesome. His site is filled with examples of his work -- and his hilarious writing -- but be sure to check out the Sport Dress, one of our recent favorites.

And because November is Mealtime Month here at Ohdeedoh, we had to dig into the vault to bring you a couple of our all-time favorite eating-related posts:

Simple Mom spells out in step-by-step detail her no-nonsense menu planning strategies. If, like us, you've ever found yourself using words like "Byzantine" and "Kafka-esque" to describe your approach to meal planning, you might want to take a peek.

In what might be the funniest etiquette primer ever, Alice's son Henry teaches her his version of table manners at Finslippy. ("So 'manners' just means using the word 'may' a lot?" "Yes. Manners is when you are fancy.")

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