Planet Green's Annabelle Gurwitch at Home

Planet Green's Annabelle Gurwitch at Home

Janel Laban
Jul 1, 2008

Annabelle Gurwitch is one of the faces of the Planet Green channel - she did the Tribune's q&a session on her home life this past weekend. Here are a few good bits:


How would you describe your decorating style: Wash and wear. We're in the raising-a-kid stage of our lives and so we have what could generously be described as eclectic tastes. We have stuff everywhere. I love books, so there are stacks of books on every available surface. My son's artwork is also on every surface. I also share my home with enough sports equipment to outfit an entire baseball team, as my son is currently on two teams and lives and breathes baseball.

I do like order, but we're just not excelling in that department. I'd give us a C minus.

Gurwitch's Kitchen Nook and Home Office

Where do you keep your recycling: I'm an extreme recycler. We have a cabinet in our kitchen filled with recycling. Also in our offices we have baskets for paper. I keep a list posted on the refrigerator which is updated whenever new items are deemed collectible, but I still have to dig through the trash to separate items. Just today I was at Ezra's best friend's house, and I dug my hands in their garbage and started separating items for recycling.

Gurwitch's son keeps his Game Boy games in this hand carved box.

If you could invent something for your home, what would it be: A smaller and more portable ceiling fan. My office is really small and if I have a huge fan, it's like a wind tunnel. You know how in your college dorm room everyone had lights that clipped on to things? Well what if you had one of those for a big fan. You could clip it onto your molding — and instant ceiling fan. It would be great for people in an apartment who can't afford a real one or aren't allowed to change the fixtures.

Read the entire interview here at the Tribune.

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Photos: Top - Planet Green/Justin Stephens, Second - Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images, Third - Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images - all via Chicago Tribune

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