PlantTherapy: Success!
Sep 20, 2008
Passiflora 'Pura Vida' on my windowsill
I have enough challenges figuring out what the plants want. Today I am just going to be happy for my temporary success in making one happy. After working for over a year to get this vine enough sun, food and water, it is now rewarding me with the coolest blossoms.

Have you had any plant success lately - in the office or at home?

I bought this on a chance from Logee's even though I knew it would take at least four hours of sun every day. It lived at home, growing but not thriving in a window with morning sun. It came to the office, where it got a brief blast of direct southern sun. It even temporarily lived on a rooftop!

It was only after our most recent move that it got everything to make it happy - four hours of warm sun, no harsh wind, a bit of humidity. It settled right in and within two months put out these blossoms that open and die one by one, like a slow-moving string of Chinese firecrackers. We quickly realized that a healthy plant was a good sign for us as well; we were enjoying more sun along with the plant.

'Ballarina hawaiana' by Braid444 via Flickr

If you are looking for inspiration you should check out the Flickr Passiflora Pool (also click on the image above). The flowers are spectacular, short-lived but worth the wait.

Logee's has a large selection and one would make a great gift for a friend that has a sunny spot in a window. They also have a general Passiflora plant care page to get you started.

The University of University of Saskatchewan extension page has a bit more on the history of passion flowers.

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