Product Re(al)view: Kangaroom Storage Cord Keeper

Product Re(al)view: Kangaroom Storage Cord Keeper

Jul 14, 2008

If it looks like a laptop case, and feels like a laptop might actually be a cord organizer. We have accumulated quite a few cables over the last little while. Various types of USB cables for our different gadgets. Chargers for said gadgets, and even some special cables to connect our cellphone to the TV and stereo. We have always kept these in a tangled mess in a box so when we had a chance to try out the Cord Keeper from Kangaroom Storage we thought why not, it definitely couldn't make our cord storage situation any worse.

A pretty basic design, with 4 long pockets on one side and 5 smaller pockets on the other. The nice thing about this is that you can now easily see the cables you have and find the one you need without recklessly rummaging through a box of cables. Each pocket also has a clear plastic window that you can slip a label in for those of you who are sticklers for detail....or can never remember what each cable is for.

Now with all the cables tucked neatly into their pocket, I find that I am actually more impressed with the cord keeper than I thought I would be. What was a shoebox sized bunch of cables is now a flat, organized folder that can sit on my bookshelf without taking up too much space. While I think it is a bit too big for travel, the cord keeper makes having the find and use the right cable at home much less aggravating.

Available here for $25

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