Reader Solution: Natural Flea Remedy for Pet and Home

Reader Solution: Natural Flea Remedy for Pet and Home

Laure Joliet
Sep 3, 2008

Nothing is worse than settling into the sofa for some serious magazine reading and realizing that you've got fleas jumping all over you. Thanks to onthequailtrail for leaving advice passed down from Gramma for a natural way to keep fleas under control in your home and especially on your pet:

Here are some tips from my grandmother that I have tested with positive results over the last 30 years.

Getting rid of flea/eggs at home: Sprinkle a heavy layer of salt on your carpets and leave it down for a week. Then vacuum. It would be one of the safer things you could use for the cat - unless it has high blood pressure and a salt-jones.

Getting rid of fleas on pet: Once the cat and home are both flea-free, eucalyptus oil on the inside of the cat's collar will act as a natural repellent. My grandmother always kept bunches of cut eucalyptus in rooms (sometimes under the furniture) to keep the area flea-free and that has worked (those were the days before one could find the oil essence easily.)

I currently live in house with 3 giant eucalyptus trees on each side, so flea prevention isn't an issue for my 3 shaggy dogs. Not only is it natural, it smells good too!

Thanks for sharing Q!

[Image from Living Etc]

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