Re(al)view: Naturemill's Composter Part Two

Re(al)view: Naturemill's Composter Part Two

Sonia Zjawinski
Aug 4, 2008

It's been a week and a half since I started up the NatureMill composter and from the looks of it I've got some nutritious brown stuff that's almost ready for my green friends outside. The whole process has been pretty smooth. Other than the plant matter that kept jamming the motor, everything's been churning on its own at an incredibly fast pace...

Compost usually takes months to get to a point that it can be used, but because of the regular pumping of oxygen into the NatureMill and the mixing at four hour intervals, compost in this mama is done in just a few weeks! I absolutely can't wait to see how my plants like this brown meal.

In the meantime I've been adding more kitchen waste, which I try to store in containers in the fridge before adding to the composter. This way I limit the amount of times I open up the composter, which does have a strong organic odor, but nothing to complain about. You'll see above that with each organic addition I add some sawdust pellets and baking soda in order to control smell and liquid.

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