Renovation Aggravation: Living in a Construction Zone

Renovation Aggravation: Living in a Construction Zone

Gregory Han
Nov 6, 2008

It's been a noisy day working from home today. Between the hammering, sounds of crumbling stucco and the occasional clank of metal being pulled out from the walls, we've had a long day enduring a moderate sized renovation of our back kitchen storage area. The 1917 era windows and supporting walls around it had rotted down to a brittle state, and a city inspector ordered our landlord to replace it to code. Sadly, that meant losing the original windows...

But to our landlord's credit, he has installed some energy efficient sliding windows, and the wall has been reinforced and plastered tomorrow. We preferred the original wood panel siding, but when you're a renter, the role of preservationist is mostly theoretical. We only hoped that while the walls were being opened up the workmen would find some unique and notable historic artifact (we have found crumpled newspaper from the 40's before). Alas, no Antiques Roadshow quality discoveries yet to be had.

Here's the hope tomorrow is a quieter day of plastering and much less hammering so we won't have to endure clenching our jaws and splitting headaches!

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