The Neuton CE 5.2 Battery Powered Lawn Mower in the Test Lab

The Neuton CE 5.2 Battery Powered Lawn Mower in the Test Lab

Grace Shu
Nov 4, 2008

When it comes to routine lawn care, we usually have a gardener that comes around once every two weeks; however, we've been weighing the option of doing it all ourselves. So, when the fine folks at Neuton offered to lend us one of their battery powered lawn mowers to review, we jumped at the chance. Not only is it eco-friendly (no need to fill up on gas or oil), but it's surprisingly easy to assemble and even easier to use...

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The Neuton CE 5.2 in the box

The biggest pros? It's extremely quiet compared to the more traditional lawn mowers--we were able to listen to our iPod while working, which is something even our Dyson drowns out. Also, since the motor is emission-free, you can breathe without sucking in fumes. And of course, the mower is cordless to provide the freedom of mowing anywhere. Handling the mower is fairly easy, and the mower itself is pretty light. Changing the cutting heights is extremely easy--just position the lever to the desired height (listed in inches).

There are three options available for dealing with the grass clippings: mulching, bagging, or discharging. We tested out the latter two options (we had some difficulty putting the mulching plug and then gave up). The mesh bag that the Neuton comes with is handy, but a bit messy as grass clippings can get caught in the webbing and not pile as efficiently.

Finally, assembling the mower looks complicated at first, but trust us when we say this: it's pretty easy aside from the mulching plug.

The cons: The Neuton CE 5.2 is the smaller of the 2 options, and the cutting path is pretty small (about 14 inches), so if you have a lot of yard, it may take you a little bit longer. The battery lasts for about an hour after charging.

Want to find out more? Check out the site, for more info.

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