Ribbon Wreath: Using Scraps For Decoration

Ribbon Wreath: Using Scraps For Decoration

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 17, 2008

Being a packrat at heart, scraps of things that could be used for craft/art projects are always saved around our house. With penny pinching days upon us, we find ourselves utilizing them to make simple things feel special, which is why we love this video from Jennifer Bertrand on HGTV. All you need to add a little pep to your holidays is a pile of ribbon scraps and some push pins! Click through to see how!

While cruising through the HGTV video archives (a great place to go if you are feeling the need for a pep talk before taking on a project!) we stumbled upon this quick tip video from Design Star winner Jennifer Bertrand. We have a few of her tips abbreviated below, but we sure to check out the full video to see her idea in action.

First you will want to track down a foam wreath form. They are available at most craft stores for just a few dollars. Or try hitting up your local thrift store; 9 times out of 10 there is an ugly wreath hanging around somewhere that's waiting to be stripped down and repurposed.

Using spray paint, give your wreath a base coat of color that will match your ribbon scraps used later on. In this video she uses silver since it goes along with her color scheme. This isn't a mandatory step, so if you're running short on time or paint, no worries. You can also wrap a long strip of cloth or ribbon around the form to accomplish the same thing.

Taking short pieces of ribbon (cloth or fabric would work also) make a loop and push a t-pin or tack through the ends and into the wreath form. It will help your process speed along if you precut all the strips you will be using. You can randomly place your colors or decide on a pattern ahead of time.

After repeating the process all the way around the form, you are left with a soft reminder of holidays past and present. This might also be a great idea for wedding or baby showers where you have piles of ribbons and bows left for later on!

(Photos via HGTV)

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