Roomarks: Inspirational Interiors

Roomarks: Inspirational Interiors

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 19, 2008

  • by Meg 12.19.08: Our home the the canvas on which we create the art of living...

  • by Shannon 12.12.08: The dining room of my recently purchased, 1930's bungalow...

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  • by Kat 12.5.08: This is a photo of our bedroom with our handmade bed...

  • by Michelle 12.5.08: A literal water closet! we lined the wall with sheets of wrapping paper from Paper Source ...

  • by Harmony 10.23.08: This is to remind me that my apt. can look clean sometimes and that I should clean it tomorrow.

  • by Viv 10.23.08: Our baby's nursery. I painted the chair frame white.

  • by Lynne 10.13.08: My kitchen fireplace - brushed stainless steel mosaic tiles.

  • by dianalily 10.3.08: Fourth photo down, of the hallway with travel pictures all framed in white...

  • by Nikita 10.3.08: My fiance has conjured up this image to let me know what our bedroom would look like...

  • by Mary Jo 9.24.08: A well-lived corner of my house, otherwise known as couch potato headquarters......

  • by Visuallingual 9.23.08: Our dining area combines a few bold colors with the textures of wood and bamboo...

  • by Lotta 9.23.08: Work in progress-my son's mural as painted by his daddy

  • by Rob 9.21.08: The dining room in a house I stayed in for an extended period of time. The home of good friends.

  • by Daniel 9.18.08: I can't remember which blog I first saw Tom Scheerer's interiors on (not this one), but I they left an imprint....

  • by Ivan 9.16.08: This is a picture of my studio boardroom where I meet with clients everyday...

  • by Jeffrey 9.15.08: My living room is filled with comfortable furniture and beautiful art painted by friends. A custom Nate Berkus chair tops it off.

  • by Rob & Nini 9.12.08: Our livingroom is a mix of pieces we've found over the years. Scoring the square Emma Gardner rug pulled it all together.

  • by Tiffany 9.12.08: This is my bedroom in our basement apartment. We are doing the best that we possibly can with the lack of natural light and windows. It still manages to feel calm and serene and proves to be a wonderful space for us.

  • by Patty Young 9.9.08: Our living room and favorite spot in the house. I love the mix of wood tones and contrasting textures. The palette is neutral with a splash of orange/reds for a dramatic appeal...

  • by Hiroshi Jashiki 9.8.08: Nice to have some splashes of red here and there against neutral colored walls and cat (also neutral)...

  • by Elizabeth 9.8.08: The one and only bedroom in my first apartment, featuring my favorite $5 print from a TN antique store!

  • by Bemyescape 9.7.08: I initially saw this bedroom posted on Design Sponge and thought it was very nicely done.

  • by Michael 9.4.08: I told the chandelier designer that I wanted it classic but updated and large enough to feel like it was eating at the table with us...

  • by Andy 9.2.08: I love this shot of my bedroom, a cozy place to relax in, I used primary all contracting neutral colors to create some drama to the space...

  • by Maxwell 9.2.08: I passed this home last night for the first time since blogging it in 2005. It's just as cool in real life and I really really wanted to show you a picture of the interior...

  • by Dina 8.28.08: After sleeping in a loft bed (very close to the ceiling) since the 80's, I woke one morning and was ready for a change. The loft was suddenly was really claustrophobic, but I had to figure out what to do with all my stuff below the bed.

  • by Catherine 8.27.08: Took the plunge and did the black wall thing - and painted the chairs while I was at it.

  • by Cerrissa 8.27.08: This wall fountain was built by my parents and makes the most relaxing sound of gurgling water. i could sit and listen to it forever...

  • by Michelle 8.26.08: We created this outdoor space that's perfect for a game of scrabble and a glass of iced tea.

  • by Jason 8.26.08: I finally replaced my terrible IKEA coffee table. Slowly but surely, all the beech is vacating. $6.29 at small-town-Ontario Goodwill

  • by Titan 8.25.08: Great photos that provide excellent inspiration and home design ideas.

  • by Deborah 8.25.08: My bedroom. A cosy place even though it also has a working space.

  • by Margaret 8.20.08: This is an area of our garden we call the serenity spot...

  • by Bruce 8.20.08: Due to yesterday's roomarks, I found my way into LivingEtc's bedrooms. The whole thing's a treasure trove. This room, in particular, I love for the red that goes all the way around the walls and ceiling.

  • by Tracy 8.19.08: This is where I feel I am heading - not in reality yet, but in my head. I love the dark walls, the strong, cozy contrast and the ornate bed. I'm so Post Martha!

  • by Mallika 8.19.08: A little bit of my living room and the dining area. The whole design revolves around the red couch.

  • by Tara C. 8.13.08: Layers of mismatched pillows and unorganized vintage books I think are less intimidating as a guest than a stark white room with white linens. This is a guest room done by Wary Meyers in Portland, Maine.

  • by Marta 8.13.08: This is my dining room.I wanted it to feel light and fresh since I live in Miami Beach.

  • by Tran 8.12.08: Simple living and organization is a current obsession. I found this on Decor8 and It's in Denmark.

  • by jorem & sheila catilo 8.11.08: just moved into this new house and since we're expecting our first baby soon, we decided to go with a theme that's fun, colorful and comfy.

  • by Richard S. 8.8.08: My dining room (left)/den (right) which melds Spanish Gothic and Mid Century Modern into my vibrant home!

  • by Maxwell 8.5.08: This is the best use of blue I've seen in years. Moody & modern, it really works with the contrasting white floor, trim and furniture.

  • by Catherine 8.5.08: This is a great spot in my home to either talk to a friend - or swivel towards the TV that pops out of the cabinet with a remote. I feel quite spoiled here.

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    : And this tree was handpainted by Hakarl using edging tape!

  • by Cara 7.30.08: That tree was handmade using pegs and string. Amazing. Not my home, btw.

  • by Jason 7.29.08: My newest find. $25 at a nearby thrift store. Chartreuse, diamond-tufted, mint-condition gorgeosity. I love the way the cane related to the woven speaker covers of the record player.

  • by Virginia 7.29.08: I got the 3D birch dinosaur at a museum shop years ago, but you can find similar ones here. The storage drawers are from IKEA. The crafting lamp is by Ott-Lite.

  • by Grace 7.28.08: favorite corner of my room.It's totally student budget, so i'm always looking for ways to make it home: museum poster, painted stool rescued from the trash, white lanterns from the drug store...

  • by Andrea 7.25.08: I loved this corner of our apartment. It feels urban, quirky and earthy at the same time. Puts me in a reflective mood (not because of the leaning mirror! no pun intended, i swear!)

  • by Erika 7.22.08: This was so unusual I actually did bookmark it. Her whole house is amazing to me, but this roomshot wins. [also on AT here]

  • by Ana 7.22.08: I just saw this last week, but it's such a great idea and a great shot. Total DIY for me now, even with my small staircase.

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  • by Michael 7.18.08: It's not so much the room, but the idea of adding an airplane fuselage to your living room wall that I love here. It's really well done.

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    documents the entire process.

  • by Tanya 7.15.08: Okay, enough of your cutesy stuff. Give me pattern, darkness and drama anyday.

  • by Maxwell 7.15.08: I know it's not great for the wine, but this is genius. I want to do this in my next home (if I have that much room!)

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    : guest bath

  • by : two little guest rooms with vintage rockers, side by side.

  • by SunnyLA 7.11.08: I love the calmness, thee retroness and the color here.

  • by Sookie 7.10.08: Why does simple stuff like this slay me and why is it so hard for me to copy?

  • by Anna 7.9.08: Just a glance into the living room [from Italy].

  • by Julie 7.9.08: Living room designed for one of my clients.

  • by Hilary 7.8.08: This room is everything that is wonderful about being a child.

  • by Corrie 7.7.08: Here is a shot of my bedroom on one of Seattle's first real sunny days of the summer!

  • by Trudi 6.26.08: My bedroom after being inspired on a shopping spree to the local Salvation Army's second-hand shop
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