Roundup: Top 5 Ways Of Sprucing-Up Your Home Office

Roundup: Top 5 Ways Of Sprucing-Up Your Home Office

Range Govindan
Sep 12, 2008

Home offices can be a cluttered affair. However, home office warriors need to remember that potential clients will see the home office, and we all know that even though it is said that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, first impressions are paramount. With this in mind, we've come up with a few key items that will spruce-up any home office.

1. BRAZO LED Desk Lamp
No matter what your desk looks like, you need a bright light to do your work. The BRAZO LED lamp has 18 LEDs and comes in an attractive design. Just like an expensive tie can spruce-up your tired suit, an expensive desk lamp will do the same to your home office. Adequate lighting will do wonders to your office.

2. Talking 1500-LED Clock
If your plan is to sway people with the awesomeness of your clock, this is the way to go. This clock has 1500 LEDs and it also talks. You can probably hypnotize clients easily with it. With all jokes set aside, this can become the signature piece of any modern home office.

3. The Narknisorn Posi+ive Chair
This chair looks good anywhere, in your living room or in your home office. Having a swanky lounge chair in your home office will most definitely impress anyone who visits. Plus it gives you a way of unplugging from your computer and thinking about your future projects. [via GearCrave]

4. The Spark Lamp
Having a green lamp on your coffee table in your home office is just a great ice-breaker. The Spark Lamp acts like a sketch of a plant by day and as a lamp by night. Turn the lamp upside down and it will use its solar panels to charge itself. At night, turn it around and use the power of the sun to light your room.

5. The Killer Desk: The Crescendo C2 Maximus
This is simply one of the most elegant desks that are available today. The C2 Maximus does have a pretentious name, but it encompasses beauty and minimal design. Unlike most modern desks, it uses cherry and walnut wood and it's hand crafted.

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