Rumor Mill: Sony's Got a Secret... and It Has Touch All Over It

Rumor Mill: Sony's Got a Secret... and It Has Touch All Over It

Anthony Nguyen
Dec 15, 2008

It looks like everyone wants to get into the "touch" game these days. Just watching those Verizon Blackberry Storm commercials for the nth time just makes us want to cringe. Now it sounds like Sony wants to get their feet wet with the whole "touch" facto as well (or at least that's what we've been hearing from the birdie over at Sony Insider). According to the claims, Sony is set to release a new, touch screen Walkman at CES 2009. You know, those same devices kids back in the day would get all envious about? Let's see what this new update has to offer this year...

While no spy pictures have officially surfaced, the player is rumored to have a 3-inch OLED screen (kinda like the one from the VAIO CP1 digital frame we reviewed a few weeks back). From what we remember, that was one of the best frames in terms of picture quality we've ever reviewed and from the look of things, we expect the new Sony Walkman to be no different.

The Walkman will come in 16GB and 32GB flavors, featuring cool stuff we've seen before like web browsing WiFi, but also catering to the audiophile centric crowd with a built-in S-Master digital amplifier and noise canceling capabilities.

We're hoping the interface itself will be as cleverly placed as Apple's iTouch, if not better. Especially being the ones who pioneered portable music players back in the late 90's after all, we certainly hope Sony does a little bit more than mock the iTouch (something we've seen again and again from other companies) in terms of the gradually tiring cliche of, "Hey, look! It touches, lets me flip through stuff with my finger, and it still plays music!"

[via Technabob]

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