Shopping at Sprout Home: 1 plant, 6 pots

Shopping at Sprout Home: 1 plant, 6 pots

Amy Azzarito
Oct 10, 2008

We asked our favorite plant store, Sprout Home, to try a little experiment with us. We wanted to see what the same plant looks like in different containers. They helped us pick a plant that thrives in medium light so it works well in nearly every apartment &mdash it's a lemon button fern. Now, there's just the matter of that container....

White and Green Planters on Foot (no drain hole) $33.50 each
gives a modern, yet vintage look with the faded green color and the classic shape

4" Terra cotta Pot, $4.50

Cort 5.12" Planter (no drain hole), $12
Clean, with a handmade texture

small gloss white or black ceramic squares (no drain hole), $16.40
(The white is also available with a drain hole and saucer $26.25)
Modern look

9" resin tree pot (no drain hole), $44.50
faux wood rustic

4" Ceramic Planters, $15.75
Handmade ceramic planter with saucer attached

Lemon Button Fern: This is a great fern for people who want the delicate look of a fern without the constant watering. This fern prefers to dry out slightly between waterings. Regular misting is also recommended.
$4.75 ea.
Light: filtered shade.
Temperature: 60 degrees F to high 80's.
Water: allow to dry slightly between waterings
Note on containers without drain holes: For containers without drain holes, we recommend leaving the plant in the plastic container and just setting it inside the container. That way, if water builds up after watering it can be dumped out easily. Although not recommended, some people like the look of potted plants better and will put a layer of rocks on the bottom to serve as a "false drainage." If potted, make sure the plant is never over-watered or sitting in water otherwise root rot can occur.

All photographs by Ramsay De Give

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