Simple Green: Take a Look at Your Batteries

Simple Green: Take a Look at Your Batteries

Abby Stone
Jul 11, 2008

Ah, the battery. Simple, easy and disposable. And, if you're thinking green, they're not. But they certainly simplify life. Hopefully, you're already recycling your old batteries (sites like UCLA's hazardous waste center and Ikea will happily accept them). But when you make the move to replace them, why not look at other options?...

  • Consider Rechargeables: yes, they're more expensive but they'll last many times longer. Some chargers even run on solar power a double eco-boost.
  • Consider Hand Crank: for certain items like the radio and flashlight in your Earthquake Emergency Kit (you do have one, right?), a hand crank may be a better option. On one hand, for items like this, that may be stored for a long time, you won't have to worry that at the time you need them, your batteries will have died. On the other hand, if an actual disaster does occur, they'll give you something to do besides worry. We like this one
  • Kinetic Batteries? Batteries that recharge as the object that they're powering is moved may be the wave of the future
  • Consider ways to prolong the life of batteries you're already using Check out Unpluggd for some great ideas on prolonging your laptop's battery life.
  • Go Old School: Does everything need to be electric or run on batteries? What about man power? Think about the environment before you purchase something. Check out this wireless mousethat doesn't need batteries.

For more on batteries and the objects they power, take a look at Unpluggd, our tech-saavy sister site.

[image via deanj's Flickr, with a Creative Commons License]

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