Staying At The Boyfriend's

Staying At The Boyfriend's

Laure Joliet
Oct 29, 2008

When you're not quite living together, you end up living about half your time at your place and half at your better half's place. Forget dividing chores, for us homebodies it can be unsettling to keep switching back and forth (and we know it's wrong but we totally feel guitlywhen we leave our apartment for too long!). So how do you make it work? Do you make it work? We've got a couple of tricks, but would love to hear how you handle what we call the half and half:

Carrie Bradshaw did it with Big but had to carry the equivalent of an overnight bag with her wherever she went, we're lucky enough that we can leave the stuff we need at the bf's. So here are some of the guidelines we follow to make going back forth easier, feeling at home in both places:

1) Keep doubles of all your toiletries and makeup so you don't have to carry that stuff back and forth.
2) Always leave your apartment clean so that when you come back you don't have to just start cleaning away. This also means keeping the fridge free of spoiling milk, etc.
3) Bring favorite recipes over to the other place so that you can cook scrumptious meals, if you want.
4)Have a familiar scent close by. For us it's been bringing a favorite candle over or even buying the all purpose soap we love.
5) We've resigned ourselves to cleaning, at least a little bit, once we get to the bf's. For a long time we tried to accept our cleaning differences, but we've embraced that we just like it cleaner.
6) When we come home, the quickest way to feel at home again is to: water the plants, cook something, and take a bath.

What do you do to feel at home at your significant other's? What do you do to keep your own home fresh and inviting even if you aren't there all the time?

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