Strange Concepts: Cryptex Mobile

Strange Concepts: Cryptex Mobile

Anthony Nguyen
Jul 25, 2008

Another entry from Range as our new blogger search slowly comes to an end...

With all this hype about the iPhone 3G, what happens if you weren't able to get one last week? The iPhone 3G is pretty much sold out everywhere you look, however we found this phone really interesting. Don't worry, this isn't about another those so-called "iPhone killer" phones, just a new approach to something that we all use everyday.

The Cryptex Mobile resembles a cryptex from Dan Brown's DaVinci Code and is novel since it has no buttons or display. A cryptex is a sort of a portable vault which can be opened when the right sections are twisted in order to form a code word which unlocks the secret message inside.

In that sense, the number you are dialing on the Cryptex Mobile becomes the secret code.

The Cryptex Mobile has tactile feedback and no buttons. You twist different sections around in order to dial the numbers. Marc Schömann presents it as an alternative to purely digital phones. This phone was inspired by rotary phones, and we feel it has a bit of analog in its guts nonetheless, even though it's probably 3G.

The premise might sound strange, but this phone could be very useful for people who are visually challenged and who rely on tactile feedback to process information. The lack of a display would be no problem for blind people, but they would need a way to receive more tactile feedback, like an electronic Braille display.


[via Yanko]

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