TEST LAB: Java-Log

TEST LAB: Java-Log

Grace Shu
Dec 1, 2008

It was surprisingly chilly for LA during the Thanksgiving holiday, but we've been putting off turning on the heater. Instead, we picked up a box of Java-Logs while doing some last-minute grocery shopping before the turkey feast began. After all, the idea of having the first fire of the season with family and friends was irresistible. In the past, we've been getting wood from the local firewood yard, so we were cautious about these Java-Logs being able to live up to the real deal...

Java-Logs have been touted as the "green" alternative to fireplace fuel--no weird, funky chemical odors that other suspicious starter logs may have, less carbon monoxide, and uses renewable and natural vegetable wax. It's made out of spent coffee grinds, and reportedly 11x cleaner for your chimney than burning wood.

Performance wise, the Java-Logs did fairly well: extremely easy to light (stacking firewood just so in our fireplace can be a bit of a pain, and then getting it going can also be a bit of a trial) and easy clean up--we swept up the ashes and used it as compost for the flowerbed in the backyard. The drawbacks: According to the instructions, we only burned one log at a time, which lasted about 2-3 hours. With one log, the fire was nice, but it didn't really heat up our living room.

Want to find out more about the Java-Log? Check out the site, java-log.com.

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