The Floating Bed

The Floating Bed

Gregory Han
Jun 25, 2008

The lovechild of a hammock and a circular bed, the Floating Bed looks like an interesting outdoor furniture option; it rocks/moves like a hammock but also provides a more stable resting space thanks to a larger flat surface area. These can be used indoor or outdoor (with options like a mosquito net or even a memory foam pad), but we could only imagine wanting one outdoors, lest we get pegged for some new age, tantric couple if visitors peeked into a bedroom with one inside...

Check out some of the amusing descriptions the site lists of people who would not like the Floating Bed:

* Very conservative people, who don't even care about the benefits of better sleep, improved health, etc.
* Those with small rooms, or who can't use the motion limiting tether.
* People who often go to bed extremely intoxicated on alcohol (unless they sleep elsewhere on those nights).
* Couples where one tossing and turning partner frequently disturbs the other, light sleeping partner, who is likely to react negatively to any slight motion. (On the other hand, most people like the occasional motion, and some couples purposely rock the bed during the night, for each others' benefit.)

At nearly $3200 for a queen sized bed, the Floating Bed is definitely a luxury, but sure looks fun for some obvious (and perhaps some not so obvious) reasons. Does anyone know of a resort or hotel that is furnished with one of these? These beds seem like a try before you buy item. Interested in purchasing your own? Details and options here.

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