The Geobulb LED Lightbulb

The Geobulb LED Lightbulb

Gregory Han
Jul 1, 2008

Looking a bit like something we might see in a scene from a Soul Calibur title, the Geobulb is definitely the coolest looking LED lightbulb we've yet to see. Besides its future-organic fetching looks, the Geobulb produces the same output as a 60 watt incandescent bulb using only 8 watts thanks to its LED innards...

The Geobulb also outlast traditional bulbs and even CFLs by significant numbers, operating 40 times longer than your run of the mill light bulb and up to 10 times longer than a typical CFL. And now for the bad news: a bulb like the Geobulb costs a fuse blowing $120 per bulb. Even when factoring in that this bulb will last 3 years with continuous use or 10 years at about 8 hours per day, that's still a hefty first adopter fee. But in due time we expect to see these type of LED bulbs reduce drastically in price and increase in availability in the same way CFLs eventually fell. For now, we're happy enough with our compact fluorescents despite their dowdy appearance.

The GeoBulb is available in three color temperatures – Cool Daylight, Warm White and Soft White, and comes with a three-year warranty with a 30,000 hour predicted lifetime.

[via MetaEfficient]

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