The Incredible Cardboard Office

The Incredible Cardboard Office

Range Govindan
Nov 4, 2008

Are you running out of office space at home or at work? Do you need more? Most places and homes always need more office space. The trouble is that buying the furniture, like desks and chairs, costs money. Sometimes you don't need permanent office solutions, only temporary ones. That's what Paul Coudamy had in mind when he put together an office for the ad agency Beast.

Coudamy was also working on a timeline. He had about one month to complete his project with a resticted budget. Coudamy needed to come up with solutions, storage and workspaces for 20 people, as well as meeting spots. He decided to use a 4cm think water resistant cardboard that was mounted and put together using only wood glue and tape. That's pretty impressive!

All of the pieces he designed are modular. This means that the office can be reconfigured as needed, depending on the needs of the workers and the amount of people using it at one time. The meeting box reminds us of a confessional-like nook that offers good privacy. Lighting was accomplished using white umbrellas. We thought that this was a great idea. Read more about this over at Apartment Therapy LA.

Using cardboard to furnish your home office is a great idea if you are limited in your budget, limited in space and limited in time. Cardboard can be easily worked with and is a sustainable. CNet reports that using cardboard as a material in offices is the key to making it green. You can imagine a multipurpose room, that could double as a home theater, kid's playroom and an office using this type of material. Cardboard is also surprisingly resistant to damage and water, since you can get waterproof cardboard now.

One of the other famous uses of cardboard in an office is as pranks. This happens a lot of times and is always fun, since cardboard is usually recycled. Lastly, anyone with a bit of DIY enthusiasm could put together some nice furniture for a dorm or other small office room using cardboard. [via Moco Loco]

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