The Most Moving Parts Ever in a 'Digital' Display Clock

The Most Moving Parts Ever in a 'Digital' Display Clock

Taryn Williford
Nov 25, 2008

Does anybody else remember/still have one of those PinArt toys? You know, the little thing made of plastic that had a million little pins sticking loosely through it, letting you forever (until you move it fast in any direction or set it down) capture a pin head mold of your face or fingers or elbow? We loved that toy and still cannot resist picking one up and pressing our hand against it whenever we find one. This clock must love those toys too. It displays the time with a million pins moving in and out of it's display...

The Pin Clock has 3,000 pins, requires D-cell batteries, and costs $70. Available here.

No fancy specifications. No iPod dock. No alarm ringtones. No soothing whale sounds. Just moving pins, and the sound they make "that evokes the classic flip of the numbers at airports or train stations."

We're a little skeptical. When we had a PinArt toy, the pins would be bent and have fallen out before too long. So how long will it take for this beautiful display to become inaccurate and have the entire gizmo be worthless?

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