The Shower Manager

The Shower Manager

Jul 28, 2008

As we get ready for water rationing this week, we can't help but remember the timed showers that the East Bay water rationing of our childhood brought. For many households, the biggest percentage their water goes to showers (surpassed, of course, by baths) and one of the best ways to cut back on your water usage is to start taking shorter ones. The Shower Manager is a timer that installs between your showerhead and the wall, and "limits shower times so you don't have to!"

We find it interesting that the Shower Manager was originally developed for parents to "stop their teen's excessively long showers" but is now being remarketed as a "green living" tool. While we think installing a timer to turn off the water on your teenagers is a little . . . mean, this could be a great tool for those who want to remind themselves to take shorter showers.

The Shower Manager can be set to 5, 8, or 11 minutes, and doesn't actually turn off the water, but "cuts the flow by half when that time limit expires . . . to just enough to permit rinsing, but the restricted flow reminds the user that it is time to get out of the shower."

The Shower Manager is available for $119 on the Shower Manager website (discounts are available when you buy more than one.)

What do you think? Good idea? Or a little too harsh?

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