The Super Speedy 30 Minute End-of-Season Sort

The Super Speedy 30 Minute End-of-Season Sort

Janel Laban
May 25, 2016

I'm knocking on my wooden desk as I type this, but I think I won't anger the weather gods if I say that we are safely at the point where we won't be putting on that heavy jacket, knit hat or big sweater for at least a few months. (Insert warm weather happiness jig here.) For the curers in other parts of the world, you might be saying adieu to your sundresses and shorts. Either way, we're switching seasons, which means it is a good time to take stock of the seasonal items you wore over the past six months - and then ones you didn't. Let's dive in.

Today's Assignment

This is a fast way to sort through and find some keepers and weed out some losers. Today, we're going to take stock of ONLY OUR COLD WEATHER SPECIFIC items. That means we're looking only at coats, heavier jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, bulkier sweaters and other items that you would consider seriously out of season in May to assess what you should keep, replace or get rid of.

Take time today to honestly review these seasonal items based on the frequency of wear over the winter months.

Set a timer for 30 minutes and try to move QUICKLY as you go through only your specifically winter wear items as outlined above and sort into two groups:

Start with what you wore regularly. This should be fairly easy. because the things in this group should be the cold weather items that you reached for on a regular basis for everyday life over the last six to eight months: your regulars! These are the winter wear pieces that fit the bill for work, play, relaxing and workouts. If you wore it multiple times in the last six months - and it still fits well and is in good shape - AND, YOU LIKE IT - then, it's a keeper. If it is clean, it can join your "true loves" at one end of your closet or drawer for now. OR, if you would like, you can pack it away until the fall or move it to an alternate closet.

If anything from this group could use a cleaning at this point, so it is fresh and ready to go as the weather starts to cool again, put it in your dry cleaning or laundry bin.

IMPORTANT: If there are items in this "frequently worn" group that are getting worn out, too faded, or do not fit as well as they could, make note of it (yes, actually start a list) and put them directly into the donation or rag bin. Recognizing what is past its useful life is an important part of looking and feeling your best. Maintaining a "replacement" list is a smart wardrobe building move, especially when you want to shop pre-season when the selection is at its best for these key replacement items. You really will find a replacement - it's ok to let it go.

Now move on to the winter items that you had on hand (or even bought) for this past season but didn't wear at all - or maybe only wore once. These are items that you probably should let go of. Chances are they are uncomfortable, ill-fitting, too big or small, worn out or simply a style that no longer suits you. It's worthwhile to be honest with yourself about these items and recognize that if you were not motivated to wear them this year, you will be even less likely to wear them six months from now. Move everything from this group that you can to your donate or sell bags or boxes.

Anything that you are still honestly undecided about at this point can into the maybe box.

And, you are done for today! Please let us know how this end-of-season review went for you in the your sorting solidarity!

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