These Tiny Storefronts for Mice Are Cheesy in the Best Way

These Tiny Storefronts for Mice Are Cheesy in the Best Way

Kenya Foy
Dec 15, 2016
(Image credit: Anonymouse / Instagram)

When it comes to places to hang out and chill, humans have countless options, and now with the opening of a tiny mouse café in Sweden, mice officially have a signature spot to gather 'round and um, do whatever mice do when they all convene in one spot for some old-fashioned rodent R&R.

As Curbed reports, a group of artists in Malmö, Sweden known only by the fitting moniker "Anonymouse" decided it was high time their city brought its mouse entertainment options up to standard. The result of their collective artistic efforts is a group of tiny art installations that adorn a wall on Bergsgatan, one of the city's main thoroughfares.

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Even an interior decorating novice could tell you that beautifying really small spaces requires a ton of creativity and an eye for detail, which is what's most impressive about these miniature artistic displays. For instance, one of the small sidewalk scenes features a tiny French boutique named Noix de Vie (Nuts of Life), which proudly displays its array of products in a window.

The nut shop's neighbor is Il Topolino, or Mickey Mouse, an Italian restaurant (there's a Ratatouille joke in here somewhere). The charming structure features a red and white-striped awning and a single table and chair just waiting to accommodate a party of one – but customers should pay close attention to the detailed signage if they don't want their credit cards declined while trying to make a cheese and crackers purchase.

We know what we said about having plenty of available human hangout spots, but is it weird that we kind of want to go here?

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