Water Conservation In The Bathroom

Water Conservation In The Bathroom

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 24, 2008

Most of us are all for reducing the amount of water that we use daily. Did you know that Americans use on average 5.8 billion gallons of water a day to flush their toilets? Roughly three-quarters of indoor home water consumption takes place in the bathroom, while your toilet is responsible for 28% of that. So if it isn't in the budget to install a dual flushing toilet, click through to see some water saving options.

In an effort to promote water conservation, Federal law mandates that all residential toilets manufactured after 1994 must use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf). As of 1997, commercial toilets were also required to reach this standard, and urinals were required to use no more than one gpf. However, older models are still very common in residences and use between 3.5 to seven gpf.
We found several products that can lend a hand on cutting down your home's water usage with very little install time.

Toilet Tummy- The Toilet Tummy is easy to use. Just fill it with water and hang it on the inside of the toilet tank. You save water because the space occupied by the Toilet Tummy does not require filling with toilet water. This simple procedure will instantly make your toilet water-efficient and save you 80oz of water with each flush.

Frugal Flush-
The Frugal Flusher is an adjustable dial allows for water savings of up to 50%.

Fill Master- The Fill Master Fill Cycle Diverter is a toilet tank water saver that saves 1.25 to 2.00 liters of water per flush by diverting the majority of the water that flows down the toilet's overflow tube.

Many other people just swear by filling a water bottle and slinging it in the back of your toilet to float, displacing the same amount of water that some of the above products would take up... and most of us might have those in our homes already without having to run out and purchase a new "green product."

Photo by mrjoro via Flickr.

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