Top 10: Home Tech In Movies We'd Like To See In Real Life One Day

Top 10: Home Tech In Movies We'd Like To See In Real Life One Day

Anthony Nguyen
Nov 25, 2008

Who doesn't love a clever movie gadget? While we at Unplggd enjoy the thrills of a James Bond flick and the fear of having robots rebel against us in the future, but we're always on the lookout for the next biggest gadget to incorporate into our homes. Movies tend to push this envelope with devices that feel unfeasible most of the time. However, given a few years (or decades), they always seems to matriculate into reality. Here's our top 10 roundup of home tech in movies we'd love to see one day.

The Matrix's virtual simulation brings a whole new meaning to "feeling like you're there."

We love that sweet touch screen in Quantum of Solace.

Glass-based monitors are pretty cool and kind of remind us of the new OLED monitors coming out - though at astronomical prices momentarily (Children of Men).

Where's our holographic, 3-D space interfaces? It'd be nice to pretend to pour a cup of a coffee and have it magically delivered to you completely prepared (Minority Report).

Entire walls with built-in televisions. We're talking edges to edges, people (Equilibrium)!

Like Minority Report, Tony Stark's home is full of interesting gadgets. One of our favorites include the interactive graphical interface he uses to build his suit. We imagine the kids would love one of these... (Iron Man).

No more Roombas! What we really want is our own Wall-E (personality makes him a plus!).

The Universal Remote from the movie, Click, allows you to watch and control special features in your life along with the ability to apply social tests to see what happens when you do a particular action vs the next. Surely a psychologist's dream device!

A teleporter would easily fight our greenhouse gas production... (Star Trek).

Our personal favorite, however, would be the hoverboard from Back 2 the Future 2 & 3. Not only would this allow easy travel around the house, but it just looks kick ass!

Got a favorite? Let us know!

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