Top 25 Decorating Mistakes

Top 25 Decorating Mistakes

Abby Stone
Oct 24, 2008


Clockwise from top left, mistakes 7, 5 10, 25. See after the jump for details!
Our attitude, in decorating as in life, is that rules are made to be broken. One person's disaster is another person's amazing. It just takes guts, conviction and a sense of balance. But there are some mistakes that everyone seems to agree on, according to HGTV. Check 'em out after the jump...

  1. Fake flowers: Fresh flowers add life to your home, fakes just add dust
  2. Too many pillows: When you have to move them to use the furniture, whether it's a couch or a bed, you've got too many
  3. Knick Knack overload: If you have a lot, consider rotating them out so you always have a fresh look. Put like ones together in groups of 3, 5 or 7.
  4. Fear of color: Hopefully, our fall colors contest is giving you the courage to try some color in your own home.
  5. Ignoring windows: Whether shades or curtains, don't forget them. Think of windows as art. They need a great frame.
  6. Pushed back furniture: Not everything needs to go against the wall. Don't be afraid to bring your furniture in towards the center of the room.
  7. Tacky couch covers: Couches are for sitting on. You will drop stuff on them. You can always reupholster your couch or dress it up with pillows if it gets bad. And, if you or your friends are messy, consider something easy care.
  8. Frames hung too high: The center of the picture should be at eye level. 66 inches is standard.
  9. Improper lighting: A change of light can transform your room from drab to fab
  10. Floating rugs: It's best to anchor a rug with at least the front legs of furniture
  11. Too many colors or patterns: Give your eye some resting space
  12. Furniture that doesn't fit: Balance out the room to fit the furniture.
  13. Following fads: buy your large pieces of furniture for longevity; save the fads for accessories
  14. Everything matches: Don't be afraid to mix it up.
  15. Lack of traffic pattern: walk your home when deciding where to put things. Here's a test: can you easily vacuum everywhere in your home without having to move things?
  16. Uncomfortable dining chairs: Let the food be the star
  17. Too formal: Your home should work for your real life.
  18. Keeping something you hate: Even if it was a gift, toss it. The stuff in your home should make you happy
  19. Lopsided furniture: Can figure it out yourself? use this trick to get an objective view (and help with another common mistake not on this list)
  20. Outdated hardware: sometimes, changing out your door or cabinet handles are all you need to update your home.
  21. Out of place themes: decorate for where you live and how you live and make sure you mix it up. Crazy themes are for The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo
  22. Undressed cables: Swing on over to Unpluggd, our sister site, to get some tips on how to handle the electronic dilemmas in your home
  23. Ignoring the entranceway: the entrance to your home sets the stage for how you, and your guests, feel in the rest of your home
  24. Too many photos: corral them in an album or select some to hang on the wall.
  25. Toilet rugs: if you'd like a rug here, go for a real rug, not something cut to fit around the base of the bowl.

For a more in depth look at these, check out the show, airing on November 2nd. Have you made any of these in your home? Or maybe you disagree and you've got the pictures of your home to prove it. We'd love to see.

[images: HGTV]

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