Touch 'n' Know Keeps Your Sleeping Peepers Closed

Touch 'n' Know Keeps Your Sleeping Peepers Closed

Taryn Williford
Nov 10, 2008

How many times has this happened to you?: You wake up naturally (or you wake up abruptly when your dog barks at nothing, like me) before your morning alarm is set to go off. You want to catch a few more winks, so you doze off again without looking at the time to see exactly how early it was. Sometimes its been a few hours for us, and other times we've only had a few minutes. Either way, the entire process throws us completely off. Once, on a very bad day, we woke-n-dozed a few too many times that we actually missed our real alarm. Never again with Touch 'n' Know...

Designer Mac Funamizu brings you the "Touch 'n' Know The Time." Reach to the clock at your bedside and find the two raised triangles around the clock's face. If they're far apart, you have lots of time left to sleep, but if they're close, you'll have to get out of the bed pretty soon.

Hopefully knowing that we have awhile to catch winks will keep our heads straight and allow us to wake at our real alarm's sound. As for those mornings when you find the triangles about to touch? Well, I guess you'll have to man up and get up.

If you've got a different sort of problem and find most alarms too jolting, try the Silent Alarm Clock, which wakes you with vibrations. If you wake up just fine but are always late because you can't change your snooze button ways, try the Tyrant Alarm Clock, which threatens to call a random number from your cell's contacts with every snooze.

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