Truce! Your Biggest Compromise?

Truce! Your Biggest Compromise?

Grace Shu
Sep 25, 2008

Living with your significant other can be rough going sometimes--all the quirks that you love about the person might end up being the things you hate living with. Take, for example, our friends who were recently in an epic battle when they moved into their new apartment together...

He is a music lover who happens also happens to be an expert in all things audio related--especially home theater systems. So, when she came home one evening from work and found their 3' tall stereo speakers sitting about five feet from the wall, she assumed that it was temporary. Turns out that these bulky speakers were in their permanent position: "With the speakers here and the sofa there, we'll be experiencing music the way it was meant to be heard!"

After a few weeks, she got sick and tired of battling with him and just resigned herself to an awkward living room (but with surround sound). "Honestly, I just got sick of fighting with him--this is our first apartment together, first time living with each other, and I don't want something dumb like speakers being the reason that I regret moving in with him." As a compromise, she insisted on keeping sliders underneath the speakers so that they can easily be moved back, but he did put down tape on the floor to mark exactly where the speakers would go when in use.

For those of you living with your significant other, what has been your biggest compromise and how did you deal with it? Any advice for people living together for the first time or thinking about moving in together?

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