Design (& Mood!) Upgrades: Help Yourself to a Little Extra Happiness at Home

Design (& Mood!) Upgrades: Help Yourself to a Little Extra Happiness at Home

Nancy Mitchell
Jan 19, 2016
(Image credit: Houzz)

You've probably stopped to wonder whether your home is beautiful, or stylish, or clean, but have you ever thought about whether or not it makes you happy? Here are six simple things you can incorporate into your home that will accentuate your look and boost your mood.

A little jolt of color and pattern.
Maybe you're one of those people who's really into minimalism and feels particularly happy surrounded by sleek, understated things in black and white. Then carry on! But for most people, a little bit of color, especially in a wild pattern, can be a wonderful pick-me-up. Try a colorful and cozy throw at the foot or your bed, a rug in a bold pattern (like this Turkish kilim rug spotted on Houzz), or just a piece of art that makes you smile.

Color in a place you wouldn't expect.
All the better because it can jump out and surprise you when you're in a dour mood. Bonus points if it's a really bold, saturated color. They're like candy for your eyes.

'Housework Sucks' tea towel, $30 from Materialistic
(Image credit: Materialistic)

Something a little cheeky.
A little bit of irreverent humor is good for any home. Hopefully, catching sight of your irreverent housewares will be enough to make you crack a smile even on the grayest of days.

(Image credit: Ideal Home)

Furniture that doesn't take itself too seriously.
I am obsessed with this Shuffle Table by Mia Hamborg, which is basically like a giant toy for adults: you can remove the wood pieces from the spindle and stack them any way you like. Home furnishings don't have to be all serious: it's ok to pick a piece every once in a while that's just fun.

Little tiny indulgences.
Sure, $12 may be a lot for a bar of soap — but if that delicious smell is going to get you through the worst months of winter, maybe it's worth it. You'd spend more on a cocktail and that only lasts 15 minutes. Another totally-worth-it splurge? Fresh flowers.

Things that remind you of people you love.
Maybe kind of a no-brainer, but it's always good to be reminded that the things that make your house personal — photos of friends, gifts from loved ones, mementos of special trips — are the best pick-me-ups of all.

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