Broken Gadget? No Warranty? Take it Apart!

Broken Gadget? No Warranty? Take it Apart!

Taryn Williford
Nov 20, 2008

Stuff breaks. For no reason sometimes. We broke the little USB hub for our Rock Band controllers last night, and we have no clue how we did it. Assuming that those little gizmos aren't too expensive to replace (we might eat our words when we go to do research in a second), we went ahead and did what any person desperate to get their drumsticks onto those rubbery little pads would do: We took the thing apart! A little peep inside proved that we had no idea what we were doing taking it apart, but had we seen the blog earlier, we might have been a little more aware of what we were doing...

A disclaimer on the site warns that they are not liable for personal harm, damaged electronics, or warranties made void as a result of following the information contained on their site. Even stating that they recommend against the dismantling of electronic devices.

Whatever. We're going to scour through the pages and see what kind of stuff we can get into with our screwdriver... MacBook? Guitar Hero Controller? iPod? Power Drill? Hand Mixer?

On second thought, maybe we'll just watch and learn the inner workings of our gadgets with their dissection videos. Because you know, if it ain't broke, don't go fixin' it.

[ Image from L.Marie@Flickr ]

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