Window Screens: Open or Closed?

Window Screens: Open or Closed?

Kyle Freeman
Aug 7, 2008

Living in New England, it feels like summer lasts about 2 minutes and then it's winter again. (We have a very bad attitude about Boston weather.) So when we're forced to be inside in the summer, sometimes it's just not enough to have the windows wide open…

When we're sitting by a window in the summer for any duration longer than 5 minutes, even the screen feels like an impediment to relishing summer. So we'll crank it up, often forgetting to put it back down.

Which is not a good practice when you're a sissy and irrationally phobic of bats and think their top priority is to enter your specific apartment at the first opportunity (suffice to say that a childhood run-in left us traumatized.)

So you can imagine our perplexity (and envy) when we walk around the neighborhood and notice many people who seem to chronically leave their screens open.

What's your relationship to open screens?

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