Your New Style Gurus: Design Tricks of Instagram Super Pets

Your New Style Gurus: Design Tricks of Instagram Super Pets

The most adorable animals on the internet have something to teach you. They are ready to be recognized for their abilities beyond just garnering hundreds of likes—it's time to salute them as decorating pioneers. If you can look past the wet noses and fluffy ears, there are design lessons to learn from these Instagram superpets. Let our favorite fuzzy and feathered friends show you how to stylize your space:

(Above) Limit Your Color Palette

Ginger (@therealirishmum) appreciates the bold punch of a black and white space. She also appreciates a plant she can play with.

Layer on Textured Linens in Shades of White

Raccoons might have a reputation for eating trash, but Pumpkin the Raccoon (@pumpkintheracoon) has an aesthetic that's decidedly shabby chic. Pumpkin proves that tone-on-tone doesn't have to be boring—just mix many textures to achieve zen couch vibes.

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Go Bold With Your Door

A basic white door is just that—basic—and Geordi La Corgi (@lacorgi) is anything but. Punch up the plain with a nearly neon hue. Bonus if your bike is in a coordinating chic shade.

Blend Metallics With Raw Wood

Adorable guinea pig Fuzzberta (@fuzzberta) balances the high-glamour of a metallic wallpaper with organic materials, like a live edge wood surface. Wood chips also work.

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Accessorize With Easy Care Plants

Toy poodle Logan (@loganslook) likes to bring life to a #shelfie with a mini-cactus or succulent.

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Get Global

Norm (@jermzlee) curated a well-traveled space, thanks to a rustically framed map print and a vintage globe.

Mix Metallics

Maya (@maya_on_the_move) boldly combines silver and gold with black and white and lush green to cultivate a grown up vibe. The lady makes it look effortless.

Belly Up to a Barcart

Treat yourself to a place to mix drinks with a swanky barcart. Toast (@toastmeetsworld) always prefers to imbibe with friends.

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Create a Cozy Space With Black

Perhaps because of his muted coloring, Camp the Pigeon(@campthepigeon) isn't afraid to pick a strong hue for a small space.

Lucite Is Clearly a Trend

Bellatrix (@therealirishmum) sees that acrylic furniture can lighten up your space, and she stands up for what she believes.

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Paint Can Transform

Salvage a sad piece of furniture by swathing on a new shade. Nala (@nala_cat) wouldn't let a thrift store find get benched.


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Make It Marquee Lights

These vintage stunners announce their coolness right off the bat, so of course Norm (@jermzlee) had to get a closer look.

Go Gingham

It's not just an Instagram filter: it's a classic pattern that's high impact—especially when you coordinate your sleep mask, a la rescue dog Toast (@toastmeetsworld).

Make Your Mood Board a Work of Art

Your cluttered mind is incredibly stylish when inspiration images are tacked up with chic washi tape. Here Lionel (@lionelthehog) channels a '60s femme vibe.

Throw Down a Flotaki Rug

These textural wonders are design staples because they add interest and a great place for French bulldogs (@chloetheminifrenchie) to take pooch snoozes.

Actually Use Your Fine China

Lady Gaga's dog Asia Kinney (@missasiakinney) believes everyday is an occasion to break out the special plates. A picnic to read magazines becomes an elegant affair with the addition of champagne, gilded plates, and piece of quartz to keep it all from blowing away.

Accessorize Everywhere

Even the top of your fridge deserves a little love. Why not lean a cat painting on top of your Smeg? Why not place two adorable cats (@crybabygirl) in front of that painting for a hyper meta touch?

Hot Color: Yellow

Marnie's (@marniethedog) tongue is wagging for lemon-hued pillows. To be fair, her tongue is always wagging, but she's also really into this hot color of the moment.


Lionel The Hedgehog (@lionelthehog) recognizes the perfection of a graphic tile pattern in many a #selfeet; it's even better because he has four. #ihavethisthingwithfloors

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Organize Collections by Color

It's no surprise that Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) has a handle on color theory. A pooch with that much fashion panache knows collections are strongest when grouped by hue.

Try a Teepee

Tents are the new dog beds and Chloe (@chloetheminifrenchie) is on trend.

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