Zero Concept Phone: A Mix Between an OLED Screen and a Phone

Zero Concept Phone: A Mix Between an OLED Screen and a Phone

Range Govindan
Dec 9, 2008

We always enjoy new striking phone designs. It's thanks to these concepts that the actual technology and designs evolve. What would a holographic display screen on a phone look like? Would there just be a projector of some fashion or would it be used to sense touch as well? The concept is called the Zero Phone and it's got a few cool ideas to that aren't as far-fetched as you might think.

The Zero Phone was created by French designer Josselin Zaïgouche. It's a simple and minimal design which uses a holographic-type display. However, we think that yet unreal holographic display could be swapped for an OLED screen. That would make this phone actually possible.

Zaïgouche explains that this phone is for phoning, first and foremost. With a neat OLED screen, if it could come in a touchscreen variety, this concept would actually make a great multimedia iPhone-ish like phone. OLED screens are the way to go and it's possible to make them extremely thin, making roll-up displays and extensible ones possible.

We think that this phone would be a nice addition. The OLED screen makes this phone possible. A lot of new types of phone will use these screens to minimized display screens and make them more efficient. From the look of it, Zero could work for either a home phone or a cell phone. The clean and sleek lines will make people notice this phone. [via TrendsNow, images by Josselin Zaïgouche]

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