Green Idea: Fresh Water from the Air

Green Idea: Fresh Water from the Air

Oct 24, 2008

Just as important as conserving electricity is conserving water. While we can do this by making changes to our daily habits, you can also do it with crazy things like this combo washing machine toilet. But what happens if water is just plain scarce? Why not just pull it out of the air.

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Literally. The WaterMill claims to do this and for only 11 cents a gallon. How? By condensing water vapor and purifying it. In the manufacturer's own words:

The system draws in moist, outside air through an air filter. The moist air passes over a cooling element, condensing the moist air into water droplets. This water is then collected, passed through a specialized carbon filter and is then exposed to an ultraviolet sterilizer, eliminating bacteria.

The watermill is mounted outside, so you don't have to worry about it being an eyesore in your kitchen or living space. Once the collected water is sterilized, it is then distributed to your refrigerator, water cooler, or anywhere else it is appropriate to have drinking water.

No pricing just yet, but the online store up and running in early 2009. Check it out here.

-via Ecofriend

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