How To...Throw a Financial Crisis Party

How To...Throw a Financial Crisis Party

Grace Shu
Nov 11, 2008

Last week, we got some bad news from a friend of ours: she just got laid off at her job after seven years of hard work at the same company. Needless to say, many of us are worried about our jobs and anxious about the current economic crisis. However, here's a bit of advice from the fine folks at Plum Party: "When life gives you a stack of worthless stock certificates, make party hats!" Since this month is all about entertaining, why not throw a Financial Crisis party to chase the broke blues away (albeit temporarily)? Take a look at some of our budget entertaining tips and our favorite party favors from Plum Party (20% off sale!) after the jump...

Keep it Simple. Whenever we're in the initial stages of planning a party, we tend to go overboard with ideas for the menu and decorations. However, we've found that it's always best to stick with what you know how to cook and to limit the decorations to a minimum. (We'd say that for a Financial Crisis party, the menu could be all comfort food...)

These Good Fortune plastic cups are reusable, shatterproof, dishwasher safe, and come in a set of 10. Price: $18

Hit Up the 99 Cent Store For Decoration Ideas. The 99 Cent Store is actually a great resource for decoration ideas and party favors on a budget. If you're looking for generic ornaments to pile in a glass bowl or cheap unscented candles, this is the place to go.

If "What's Your Sign?" was the pickup line of our parents' generation, perhaps this could be our generation's pickup line: "What's your poison?" These pharmaceutical tent cards can be used as place cards for dinner guests--and quite good at breaking the ice. Pack of 8, $15.

Budget Your Time. While prepared foods is a great option if you're pinched for time, budgeting your time and preparing foods early can help your wallet. Some sides like salads and pasta dishes as well as desserts can be made ahead of time or at the very least, prepped.

These chocolate bars labeled as "Emergency Chocolate" are a bit on the pricey end ($5 a pop?!), so we suggest buying king-size Hershey bars in bulk and just re-wrapping them in pretty paper. If you're especially crafty and design-savvy, you could design your own Emergency chocolate label, print them out, and wrap that around the bars. This could be a party favor, a place card idea, or just a funny gift to send to a friend.

BYOB? When it comes to alcohol, we stick to the bulk-buying. Costco is a great place to stock up on wine and beer without pummeling the wallet. If you're hosting a group of close friends to mourn the end of employment, the BYOB route is always an excellent plan as it ensures that everyone has what they want to drink, and it's not all on you and your dwindling bank account.

For more party favor themes and ideas, check out Plum Party's Financial Crisis theme here.

Got your own tips on throwing a party on a budget? Share it with us in the comments...

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