Southwest Fall Cure: Paperwork and Mindfulness

Southwest Fall Cure: Paperwork and Mindfulness

Laure Joliet
Nov 10, 2008
Cure Clock: 3 weeks remaining • Assignment: Read Week 5 and Enjoy Your Time At Home! • Check In: The Southwest Flickr Pool is filling up! Make sure to check out the progress everyone is making and hear about our SWAP happening in 2 weeks!

This is the start of Week 5 (can you believe how quickly the time has gone?) and this week we're spending more time in bed: reading, sleeping and...ahem..stuff. We're taking time to enjoy being domestic by eating in most of the week and really luxuriating in being able to do things slowly. We're media fasting for a day and picking up those piles of paperwork, organizing and shredding them (jump below for Beth's organizing tips, she's a pro!).

Favorite Quote From Sunday Night 101:

While you chop vegetables or saute garlic, you are giving yourself space to let the dust settle, fold up the rumpled clothes of your mind, and refocus on what is important to you

Use this week to slow down and tackle things you've been putting off. Really enjoy your time at home by giving yourself extra time to wind down, to get up and to prepare meals. It feeds the soul!


Deep Treatment:
Finish off Repairs!
Mop and Vacuum: Now you're forming a habit and hopefully dirt isn't accumulating like it used to!
Clean out your office and closets!: Yes this is the scary part and probably what you've been putting off for a while. Set your timer and work for 15 minutes classifying each piece in your hand!
Declutter files and tame those wires!
Try a one day media fast (and not just from tv, from the internet. it's harder than it sounds but totally worth it!)
Buy fresh flowers
Add or subtract one hard or soft thing from your room to find more balance
Cook 3 meals this week
Get to bed early: We started this one last week along with a commitment to exercising more regularly. The two seem to go hand in hand and we're slowly realizing that we can actually wake up and not be tired anymore. Seriously.

One Room Remedy:
Buy up your Shopping List!
Paint on those paint samples: Remember to paint close to doorways and windows and look at the color at every time of day, especially when you switch to lamp light.
Pick the color that suits you and the room the best: remember your vision boards!

Useful Links:
2 Tips to Make Filing Easier
Look! Organizing with Boxes
How To: Manage and File Paperwork
Using Color to Organize your Files
Straight Line Filing
How To: Create a Table of Contents for your files
Urbanic Tips for Staying Ahead of Clutter

Le Swap!
Save the Date: Saturday November 22nd at 10am in Culver City!
We're organizing the Swap for all you Curees and anyone else that wants to meet up with a box of what they're purging from their homes! It's the weekend before Thanksgiving so use the next two weeks to get your home company read by letting go of the old and useless (and possibly broken) and then meet up with us to swap stories, swap stuff and swap plants!

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