Tip: Our Best Decluttering Solution

Tip: Our Best Decluttering Solution

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 13, 2008

This week we have been tackling some of the clutter in our own home while we've been reading our homework assignment for The Fall Cure (Psst, look for a Week 1 post tomorrow!).
When decluttering an area it's easy to get sidetracked. So click through the jump to see how we keep ourselves distraction free...

When cleaning a space that has been overwhelmed with clutter it's easy get distracted. After all, many of the things we have kept around in small piles "to be sorted later," are things we really do have interest in. It's hard to keep on task when you stop to flip through some old pictures that might be in the pile or to hang that artwork that has been leaning against the wall for a month.

To stay on track try these small tips to make things go smoothly:

  • Work clockwise around the room. Don't try to tackle anything our of order, just go around in a circle and you'll deal with everything in it's own time.
  • Set a Timer. Often times we use the timer on our oven for this purpose, but set it for 15 minutes.... and then go! Do what you can in the short time span (make it shorter if you need to) and then stop and assess and start the timer again. If you get off doing something else (the phone rings or you really have to stop and sort something before it can be put away) the time will end and you have a natural starting point to get started again. Plus racing yourself is fun and gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Turn on Music. Make it something fun that you happen to know the lyrics too, it goes a long way to getting lost in your cleaning work!

    Do you have a tried and true cleaning method? Let us know below!

    (Clock featured is from Target for $29.99)

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