Your Home Is In Your Control!

Your Home Is In Your Control!

Rebecca Orlov
Nov 17, 2008

Feeling overwhelmed in your own home is not uncommon. Sometimes life just seems to pile up - working late, no time to do laundry, the stack of bills to go through, having to clean the bathroom, etc. We often post about ways to help manage the clutter, stay organized and just how to feel good in your own space. When the overwhelming feeling at home occurs, we keep this perspective in mind.....

...your home is in your own control! We recently saw this idea highlighted on a tivo'd episode of Oprah and wanted to share it with you. When life outside of your front door seems a bit crazy, step inside your home, manage it and make it the most comfortable space you can. Check out these easy tips to help you manage your space.

Tip 1 - Dedicate just 10 minutes a day to declutter.

1) Dedicate 10 minutes a day (time yourself) to an area that may feel overwhelming and throw out anything you have not used in one year. Focus and be realistic about it - if you haven't used it in the last twelve months, you probably don't need it. The year time line allows you to let go emotionally to these objects.

2) Enlist a friend who will encourage you, keep you on track and help you manage your daily organizing goals. When it seems too much, this person will remind you "...only 4 more minutes to go to clean this area out." Working with a friend or partner makes a huge difference.

Tip 3 - Use and label storage boxes for easy finds on home goods. We love Chez Larson's organized office!

3) If you have a ton of stuff (yes, simply stuff) lying around, get some boxes and categorize them. Dedicate a bookcase or closet area for these boxes and stack them in an organized manner. Next time you are looking for a lightbulb or the manual for the dvd player, you'll know exactly where to look.

4) Need a place to hang things that you don't want to forget about (like bills, pictures of family or invitations), why not try hanging carpet floor tiles on the wall? These days, companies like Flor, offer a variety of colors + selections to choose from. A little double-sided tape and you can adhere these fun tiles to your wall in any size and shape you want.

5) Home swap with your friends. Ok , not your literal homes but the things inside. Professional organizers often create categories - Donate, Trash, Keep - so it's easy to place your things in the one that works for you. Create a Home Life Swap category. Pick a location, invite a a few friends and swap goods. Anything left over - donate.

6) Think about how much you value yourself. Your home is a reflection of where you are in life at the moment so look around your space. Do you have clothes on the floor, a dirty kitchen, a messy space? If this is the case, maybe your own emotional state is also feeling overwhelmed. Take the time to reflect on your home and your mind.

Check out more organizational tips from Apartment Therapy here:

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